Hello and welcome

My name is Karen and I provide cognitive behavior therapy and occupational therapy for women in Dunfermline, Fife.  I am a mental-health occupational therapist (OT) and I have NHS and private practice experience, in working with women experiencing emotional, psychological and mental health difficulties.

I choose to work with women, simply because I enjoy helping women build self-esteem and overcome problems such as anxiety, depression and other difficulties. I find women in particular find it a challenge to recognise and prioritisise their needs. The treatments I offer are effective at treating emotional and behavioural problems and unlike other talking therapies, they are practical and you will see results more quickly.

Why have therapy?

Everyone has problems and most of the time we are able to solve them.
It’s time to seek out therapy if your own attempts to overcome problems have failed. The first step is to see what treatments are available from the NHS. If you are unable to receive the treatment you want or there is a long waiting list, you may decide to see a therapist privately. A benefit of doing is this is that you can choose the therapist that you would like to work with. In general, clients usually come to see me when they become fed up or depressed with repeating patterns of limiting thinking, habits and behaviour that no longer serve them. If you are stuck in a way of thinking, feeling or behaving that is distressing, then cognitive therapy can help.

Testimonials from previous clients in the form of personal stories, are available to the right hand side of this page.