Further to years of  getting nowhere I decided it was time to get help even though this was one of my scariest thoughts.
I done a google search and came across Karen’s website so sent enquiry to her and was very happy with the quick response advising me what I should do to move forward.  I felt comfortable by the fact it was a female therapist I was going to see so I then decided I wanted to try out CBT.
I really believe in the CBT methods that can change my daily behaviour patterns. For many years I struggled with low self esteem, fears and feelings of disappointment. After my first session I felt positive about the treatment offered and became more aware of my behaviours and negative thinking pattern, Karen also advised me of books and homework to read and complete for self help techniques. I always had to find my own answers, which led to discussions of why I acted or thought the way I do. This was hard going but she was always very supportive and understanding.
I also did one hypnotherapy session with Karen which I really enjoyed, as this gave me a chance to clear out and relax about my thoughts.
What I have learnt from the sessions that it is not easy and no one can do it for me but can supply me with the tools to self help and make me understand how to change my thinking patterns. It can take a long time but I am sure I will get there and will go back to Karen for top-up sessions.