For years I was controlled by a voice in my head telling me I couldn’t go places, or eat certain things, and that I had 2 say, do, and eat everything in two’s, or four’s, and eventually eight’s and even sixteen’s. I wouldn’t even have been able to write this.

When I eventually got tired of not being able to see my friends or my favourite programmes, not being able to wear most of my clothes, or clothes I like, and not being able to listen to music, I tried to get help from the NHS. After that failed I got in touch with Karen.

Karen was young and understanding, and made me feel comfortable, rather than like a freak. She helped me understand why all my compulsions started, and step by step helped me feel comfortable enough to overcome them at my own pace.

I now enjoy a compulsion free life, where I eat what and when I like, I can buy new clothes and wear them, and I can finally enjoy life as I can go where my friends go, and not have 2 constantly worry about EVERY little thing.

I owe Karen my life, as she helped me get it back. I can’t possibly thank Karen enough, and I wouldn’t like to think about how I would be now if I hadn’t met her. J Thank you Karen, for everything.