I decided to try cognitive therapy after realising that I seemed to make
repetative mistakes in relationships.  I also felt that I was negative about
myself on occasion and sometimes just made made bad choices.

A friend suggested this so I thought I would give it a try.

It was really enlightening and almost fun to try and fix myself whilst
working out what the causes were.  Having said that it wasn’t always
pleasant and found I had to dig deep and accept things about myself that I
may not have wanted to, but once I had done that, it was easy to understand
why I behaved the way I did sometimes and gave me a starting point to try
and resolve these issues. I consider my self to be an educated relatively
well balanced individual but feel that everyone needs a hand understanding
how they function from time to time.

Karen at no point gave me the answers just helped me to find them. I was
never under any pressure to say anything and was told from the start how
things would work. I worked with Karen for about 6 weeks and on her
suggestion have stopped. However I am aware this does not mean I am
completely sorted, I feel its an on going lesson that I have to deal with
myself. I feel I have made changes in my life and so do other people in my
life. I will go back and visit Karen again if I feel I need a boost or a
helping hand dealing with anything but I would certainly suggest that
everyone could benefit from this and working with Karen in particular.