I can’t believe the change in myself from when I first went to see Karen to how I am now. The first time I met with Karen I had been depressed for quite a while (probably longer than I had realised). I wasn’t able to identify a ‘reason’ why I was feeling like this but I knew I needed to sort things out. I hadn’t been sleeping and my appetite was gone. I felt unable to cope with work and I couldn’t find enjoyment out of life. Before I went to my first appointment I was crying my eyes out sitting in a coffee shop not knowing what to do with myself.

After meeting Karen I felt a little better even after the first session as she made me realise that I was ‘normal’ and reassured me that I would feel better soon. At first we worked on coping with my depression and as I got better we then focused more on underlying issues which had lead me to anxiety and depression in the first place.

I feel that many of the things and techniques I learnt through CBT will benefit me for the rest of my life. I actually feel that going through this has been beneficial as I am happier now than I was before my CBT. As well as changing my thought processes I also picked up techniques that are now ingrained in me! From relaxation techniques to having flowers in the house and thinking positive thoughts.

I can’t speak highly enough of Karen and really do feel that she has helped me to put in place positive changes that will be with me for the rest of my life.