I wanted to try out CBT, as I had been to sessions previously but with another therapist. I really believe in the CBT methods of actively taking part in changing your behaviour patterns on an every day basis. I had for a long time struggled with low self esteem and feelings of worthlessness. I came across Karen’s website when I was looking for CBT sessions in Edinburgh. What struck me about what I read about her was that she in particular wanted to help women with low self esteem,  so it really felt like it was what i needed. I also felt comfortable by the fact that it was a female therapist. I really think i made progress in the sessions with Karen, becoming more aware of my behaviours and negative thinking pattern, and she helped me a lot with finding tools for self help, without being too persuasive. She made me find my own answers, so the sessions were sometimes like discussions into why I reacted or felt in a particular way, which iIreally appreciated, and it has helped me become more aware of my thoughts and the power they have had over my moods. I also did some hypnotherapy sessions with Karen which I really enjoyed, as they gave me a sense of calm and inner harmony that no CBT books can give you. What I have learned from the sessions I will bring along with me and keep working on them, as there are no easy answers to changing patterns within yourself, it can take a long time, but at least now I am more aware of when my negative thoughts kick in and I have tools that can quickly help me snap out of it.”