I started CBT with Karen in an effort to finally deal with my clinical depression, lack of self esteem and anxiety. Not originally from Edinburgh I was finding it hard to settle in the city not helped by my lack of confidence. When I initially started seeing Karen I was hoping that she would help me ‘get rid’ of my depression or at least help me find coping strategies to deal with my condition. What she actually helped me achieve was more realistic. I know that I will probably always have depression but I now am not ashamed of being a sufferer, can recognise better the first signs of depression and identify ways to cope rather than getting frustrated that it isn’t a problem that I can get rid of. She also helped me to make the decision that I needed to take medication and that it wasn’t a failing to admit I needed it.

Before I saw Karen I had a lot of emotional baggage from traumatic past experiences which I was finding very hard to leave behind and move on. Although not an easy process, after CBT I have found it much easier to move on from the past and to get out of the pattern of thinking that the worst will always happen and that I deserve it.

Through CBT and Karen’s support I developed the confidence to increase my social activities and meet new people in Edinburgh with less anxiety. Karen was crucial in supporting me through a very destructive relationship and ultimately helping me gain the strength to end it.CBT is definitely not a miracle cure and I still have a long way to go but it has definitely helped me dramatically. Karen is very easy to talk to and has an excellent understanding of the problems that young women experience.