In February of this year I was in a really bad place. On my thirtieth birthday I found myself anxiety ridden and on sick leave from work and knew it was time to take action.
I arranged to see a private counsellor but after a few sessions realised that his approach wasn’t working for me. I would talk and he would listen and nod, I felt that I needed feedback and advice to allow me to move on. After Googling ‘anxiety counsellor Edinburgh’ I found Karen’s website and have never looked back.

During my initial sessions we worked on the issues causing my anxiety. It was hard facing up to feelings of worthlessness, lack of confidence and thoughts that I was a failure but it was also a huge relief to identify what had been holding me back for years and had finally manifested itself in the form of the anxiety that I was experiencing.

I have always been interested in NLP and hypnosis so Karen’s techniques were perfect for me. As my sessions progressed I noticed real improvement in how I was feeling and in my interactions with others. A real breakthrough came in the form of EMDR Therapy which Karen used to ‘unblock’ a deep rooted thought that had been effecting me for a long time.

I like to think of the techniques that Karen has taught me as an immensely valuable emotional toolbox that I can use if and when required.
After just 8 sessions I am in a totally different and much better place. I went back to work and am now performing better than ever, both personally and professionally, and no longer experience the crippling anxiety that held me back for so long.