I contacted Karen after a recommendation from a friend.

I had been suffering from depression and felt lost and lacked direction with my life. I felt lost with a high powered demanding job with long hours. The pressure of work and life eventually got to me and I felt tramped in a cycle of work and sleep and felt like I was losing friends, confidence, felt withdrawn and was not copying with a break up with an ex boyfriend. I had been on anti depressants and tried various counsellors to try and find solutions and deal with the way I felt, but nothing seemed to help long term.

My first session with Karen made me realise just how much I was not copying or dealing with, but I felt positive that from the first session that I would have a proper structure to deal with the things I was having difficulty with.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) helped me learn to deal with my actions and thoughts and although it took me a while to “re-train” my thoughts I began to understand my behaviours and reactions and how I interacted with the world. Having this foundation then helped me deal with the problems I was faced with. Karen helped to deal with each issue/thought through a structured one to one sessions. CBT gave me the tools I needed to help me and don’t get me wrong it is not a cure, but at least I now have the confidence which Karen helped me build together with Karen’s ongoing support to empower me to put in practice behavioural therapies to help me cope with everyday life.