When first going to see Karen I felt really nervous. I didn’t feel very good about myself, was lacking in confidence, had very low self-esteem, felt depressed and was overweight (something I had battled with for many years). I decided I was going to try anything Karen advised to help me feel better. I found the congnitive therapy sessions to be very emotional, as I was dealing with situations that had been following me around for years and I was now facing all the demons that had haunted me through adulthood.

I have responded well to Cognitive Therapy with Karen. I am more confident, have lost weight and I can even say I now like and feel good about myself. I found the sessions I spent with Karen to be really beneficial. It was good to have someone to listen to me without judging me, someone impartial, who then helped me to deal with situations differently and most of all to believe in myself. Karen put me at ease from the word go and I can only say that I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Thank you so much Karen for helping me get my life back in order and making me feel so good about myself.