Do you feel want to make positive changes but can’t afford weeks of therapy?

Do you feel you could help yourself if you had the tools to do so?

Would you be motivated to practice techniques to help yourself?

You may prefer one of my short courses.  They are 1:1 like usual therapy sessions but are limited to six (usually once weekly) meetings.  I have found that it is possible to teach basic Cognitive Behavioural techniques and for you to develop a good understanding of your problem and how to manage or overcome it, within a short course.

These short courses are suitable for people that would be motivated to carry on practising the techniques once the short course has finished and for people who want to develop self-awareness and insight about their problem, in order to be able to help themselves .  The course would not be suitable for people with long standing complex problems, as you would be likely to require therapy for longer.

The benefit of a short course is that you know what the financial and time outlay will be at the start of therapy. I provide a free consultation session for all my clients, where I can help you decide whether a short-course would be suitable for you.

Courses cost £250.00