As an Occupational Therapist and mother of two little girls aged 6 and 5, I am very interested in the changes that motherhood suddenly brings, to our life roles, routines and activities.  First-time mothers experience sudden and significant life changes.

In the early months, and first year or two, you may find that everything in your day changes, from the real basics, such as how you self-care (no more showers or going to the loo alone!) and getting enough sleep, to having little or no time to do the things that you previously enjoyed, or that promoted your well-being. Such as leisure activities, seeing friends and exercising.

I know as a new mum I found it a shock to find out just how intense, relentless and exhausting the transition into motherhood can be - there, I said it out loud! Of course, at other times, it was joyful and I felt blessed to have a healthy baby.

How you cope with (or not) and ease into the change in activities, routines and eventually new roles, will be mediated by all sorts of factors, such as having a supportive partner, presence or lack of supportive and helpful family, the type of birth you had, whether your baby feeds and sleeps well. For some women there is also the added complication of post-natal depression.  If you are a first-time mum, having your new baby can also bring up your own memories and experiences of being parented and sometimes this can be difficult.

Research suggests that occupational therapy has a role in serving new mothers, particularly those that are struggling to adapt to the physical, emotional and mental responsibilities of becoming a mother.

If you feel that you would benefit from support and someone to talk to about your experiences or struggles of becoming a mum, then please get in touch to book a consultation to see how I may be able to help and support you.